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Xbox 360 Shortage? Not For The Stars

Xbox 360 bundleDid you ever stop to think that maybe the reason there's about to be a serious shortage of Microsoft Xbox 360s is because Microsoft is giving away the consoles for free to wealthy celebrities?  Giving celebrities and empty-headed socialites thousands of dollars in free goodies is nothing new in the world of marketing.  The idea is that if us common folk see the rich and the "beautiful" playing the Xbox or drinking Pepsi or wearing a trendy t-shirt, then we'll rush out and gleefully hand over our money for the chance to emulate the stars.  Now there's word that even though there aren't enough Xbox 360s to go to the paying customers, Microsoft is handing out the consoles to socialites such as Paris Hilton.

Here's my problem with this issue.  There already aren't enough Xbox 360 consoles to go around.  Xbox fans have been preordering for months and will soon be lining up in the streets for the chance to buy one.  How many more consoles would be available for purchase if Microsoft weren't handing them out like candy to people who couldn't care less?  I don't think it would even bother me so much if the people the company was giving them to were video game fans.  What tweaks me the most is that most stars will most likely take the free Xbox and put it in a closet or just toss it out.  I don't anticipate hearing Paris Hilton spread the gospel of Halo any time soon.  If Microsoft is going to give away free consoles then they should at least target stars that play video games and know something about them.  That way the company gets more bang for their marketing buck and the Xbox goes to someone who will actually appreciate and use it.