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Xbox 360 Line Ends In Violence

Xbox 360It was bound to happen sooner or later.  A man waiting in line for a Microsoft Xbox 360 at a Best Buy in New York felt that the people in front of him had cut in front of him, so he did what any greedy uncivilized person would do.  He punched one of them in the head and shoved the other to the ground.  He ran off after that, but Best Buy and the local police worked together using the store's list of people who signed up for the Xbox 360 and through the process of elimination found the culprit.  They then called the man at home and told him the store had an Xbox 360 for him after all.  When Todd Coulter came to the store to pick up his prize, he was identified and the police arrested him.

You'd think that after centuries of human development we'd be beyond beating the snot out of someone over a video game.  If this case goes to court and Coulter is found guilty, part of his punishment should be that he never gets to play another video game.  He's obviously shown that he cannot handle living in a civilized society, so there's no way that he could possibly interact politely in a virtual society.  I can almost imagine this man shouting "Mine, mine!" as he punched and shoved the people around him.