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Mega Man X Collection Delayed Too

Mega Man X and ZeroWhat happened to you, Mega Man?  You used to be so reliable.  It seems that the Mega Man X Collection for Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2 has quietly slipped from a November 2005 release to January 2006 (what, did Capcom lose the source code to this one too?).  Granted that it's not much of a high profile title, but some people (myself included) were looking forward to it.

Capcom's really done a disservice to Mega Man this console generation; it's as if the company just doesn't care about the property anymore.  Yes there are the continued yearly installments of the Battle Network and Zero lines, but nobody ever talks about Mega Man's new adventures with excitement and fervor.  Everyone always remembers the glory days of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X.  In the old days a schedule slip like this would have brought out some disappointment and renewed anticipation.  Instead it just seems to have occurred in a commentless void.  Such a shame.  Mega Man deserves better.