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Weekly Poll: Holiday Joy

Weekly Poll for 10-31-2005 It would seem that the ultimate fate of the Microsoft Xbox is to be traded in for store credit at the local game shops worldwide.  It's a shame, really, but then I've always been a collector.  I still have all of my old gaming gear and with the exception of a 1989 Game Boy with a fading screen it all still works just like the day it was first brought home.  My ultimate goal is to someday be able to set all of my consoles up on a single shelf and connect them all to the same large television.  Part museum, part arcade, and completely fun.  Now all I need is the extra space.

The holidays are coming up fast and it's time once again to start making out those holiday wish lists.  What kind of gaming gear do you most want to receive this holiday season?  Vote in the poll and leave any specific items in the comments below.  You never know where Robot Santa Claus or the Hanukkah Zombie or Kwanzaabot get their gift-giving ideas.