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Sneak Peek At Mario Kart DS's Wi-Fi Menus

MariokartdsmenuMore screenshots of the imminent Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection configuration screens have appeared online, this time courtesy of BigRedPimp's DS Development blog.  The screens reveal a little about how to jump on to the service in Mario Kart DS including where to enter the infamous Friend Codes.

Now here’s a nice little gem: the Friend Code entry screen. As you can see, the code is actually 12 digits (sorry to debunk the speculation that people had about it being the MAC). We still have no clue as to what the FC consists of so we’ll just have to wait & see. Back to the WFC menu again.

This is as good a time as any to ask if anyone knows where we're supposed to pick up those USB dongles, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector.  I've heard everything from it'll be packed in with Mario Kart DS (not true as of this moment), available in stores when Kart launches (yet no online retailers have a catalog page for it yet), and that it's only available from Nintendo's online store (which as of this moment doesn't list it, and considering that it'd have to ship soon in order to arrive for launch day, time is running out).  Nintendo's Wi-Fi press kit doesn't even pin down where to get one of these elusive peripherals, although it mentions several times just how important the little gizmo is to the whole Wi-Fi experience.  So, anyone know where to get one?