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R.O.B. Is Real 2041

R.O.B. Kart #1Following up on last week's revelation that R.O.B. is a hidden character in Mario Kart DS, here are a few photos I took myself of R.O.B. in his many karts as proof that he's an actual character and not just a selectable kart.  Our little robo buddy has two unique karts to his name: one that is reminiscent of his real-world stand with the colored plastic disks and another that gives him a set of wheeled legs.

He's actually a good character to race with, as he has a high Speed rating and a great Item rating.  His two-legged form is a bit rough on handling, but I bet that whomever can master his quirks will become one of the best Mario Kart racers on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.  Surprisingly, I haven't seen R.O.B. out "in the wild" yet.  In fact, the only unlockable character I've seen during online play as been Dry Bones.  More photos of R.O.B. behind the wheel can be found below.

R.O.B. Kart #2

R.O.B. Kart #3

R.O.B. Kart #4