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Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. 2 A co-worker and I got to talking today about Nintendo's plans to offer classic video games for download on the Nintendo Revolution console and how there's rumor afoot that Nintendo may alter familiar games to include new (old) characters, such as the addition of Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario to Super Mario 64 DS.  This got me to thinking just which characters could wind up in which games.  We've watched the Nintendo universe grow for the past twenty years, and as new games introduce new elements to characters we think we know everything about, sometimes those old games can become a continuity issue.  After all, not too long ago Nintendo revamped the original Metroid into Metroid: Zero Mission in order to smooth the entire Metroid storyline into a cohesive plot.  *cough*

So this leads me to wonder what other changes may be in store for our old favorites.  How about adding Yoshi to Super Mario Bros. 2, complete with tongue-attack and flutter jump?  Maybe Dixie and Kiddie Kong could appear in the original Donkey Kong Country.  Just for kicks let's drop Wario and Waluigi into Super Mario World.  Wouldn't it be great to have the Pegasus Boots in the original The Legend of Zelda?  Samus Aran won't mind - she's enjoying her new Phazon Beam in Super Metroid.  Is that Koopa Troopa in Mario Kart 64 at long last?  Let's ask Bowser; I think I saw him starring as the hero in Super Mario Bros. 3.  The possibilities go on and on.  What gaming mashups would you all like to see in the next generation of Nintendo gaming?