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No Sympathy For Xbox 360 Campers

Xbox 360 boxThey started lining up early last night.  With news that there was high demand and short supply for the new Microsoft Xbox 360, gamers started gathering in front of stores before closing time to wait overnight for the time to come for the Xbox 360 to officially go on sale.  I've never understood the desire to camp out for a video game.  I'm about as dedicated as video game fans come, but even I have my limits.  How do store staff feel about people camping out for a chance to spend hundreds of dollars each?  A Target electronics manager friend of mine who shall remain nameless had this to say:

There were 50! people lined up out front of [the store] tonight for the Xbox 360.  We only have 40.  Suckers.

Nobody actually told the campers how many consoles were available, of course.  It seems to me that if I were going to camp out for something, I'd call ahead to see how many consoles are going to be available.  If I show up at the camp site and find eighty people in front of me and I know there's only twenty consoles to go around, I'd turn around and head home to my warm bed.  I'm honestly surprised that Xbox-hungry fans don't just smash the store windows around two o'clock in the morning and storm the storeroom.  Yes, they'd be caught eventually thanks to video surveillance and dozens of witnesses, but I'd think that anyone who sleeps on the pavement out in the cold for the chance to pay $400+ for a video game is already crazy enough to take a wild chance.