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Nintendo Plans Zelda Movie, Sequel To Super Mario

Super Mario Bros.: The MovieUPDATE: Not so fast!  Don't miss the rest of the story.

Cross your fingers, toes, and any other body parts you have that are crossable, as Nintendo is planning three movies based on some of their most popular video game franchises.  The company's own PR maven, Reginald Fils-Aime, has revealed that there are currently plans in the works to make movies based on The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and even a sequel to the 1993 box office bomb, Super Mario Bros. (although hopefully it'll be a reboot rather than a direct sequel, and if you've seen the original movie then you understand why I say that).

There are so many ways that this could all go horribly wrong, but like most gamers I really want these films to work.  I want them to be fantastic movies, amazing well-written productions that build off of the best elements these games have to offer and expose a new audience to some of gaming's best characters.  I want talented directors at the helm and a cast that have actually played the games and know who these beloved icons are all about.  I don't want anything to be "reinterpreted", i.e. "In my vision I see this Zelda fellow as a swashbuckling prince who robs from the rich," or "Let's ask ourselves: does this Miss Metroid person have to be a woman?"   How anybody could ever hope to top Dennis Hopper's portrayal of King Koopa remains to be seen, of course.