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Dixie KongAs I've mentioned before, I'm able to see which search engine queries lead people here to Press The Buttons.  A while back I wrote a piece on the trend of fans trying to find pictures and skins of naked video game characters, and ever since then I've started seeing "naked [character name]" in the search queries from time to time.  Max Payne's Mona Sax seems to be the most popular character to be seen without clothes, but this morning I found a rather disturbing query mixed in with attempts to find naked Mona Sax and naked Lara Croft: "naked Dixie Kong".  Good lord man, that's just wrong.  I mean, Dixie isn't even a teenager yet!  She's completely underage!  And also, she's a monkey.  There are no naked pictures of monkeys here, Google user.  Move along now and please try not to touch anything on your way out.  Thank you.