Sequel To Unfinished Game Already Announced
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector Now Available

Just Sell It Already!

Xbox 360 Golden TicketHave you seen these "golden claim tickets" that are to be handed out to people who have preordered a Microsoft Xbox 360?  What about the "Zero Hour" launch party in the desert?  Are you tired of the pushy salesclerks?  Am I the only one getting sick of all this pre-release hype involving flashy parties and status indicators and pretty much every marketing promotion designed to make the Xbox 360 as important to the human race as clean water?  I know that companies can't launch a product these days without colossal fanfare, but enough is enough.  Just sell the damn Xbox already, Microsoft.  People want it and they'll pay big money for it, so just ship it and get it on the shelves.  I've had enough of the theatrics and the "Isn't it great?  You cannot have one!" attitude.