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FunclubNext Generation has a rather disrespectful article from Colin Campbell comparing game journalists to maggots.  I'm hope that the tone of the piece is meant for shock value instead of actually insulting the hard-working people who review games, report important news, and stimulate discussion.  The piece is somewhat of a response to a more incendiary set of comments of David Jaffe of God of War fame who believes that game journalists should not consider themselves a part of the game industry.  I have to wonder if someone's game didn't get a good review recently, but that's beside the point. 

[Game journalists] are, mostly, an ignoble lot. Too many wear cynicism as their badge of honor, despite contributing little more to the welfare of our culture than 'try before you buy' and 'should appeal to fans of the genre'.  They boldly demand originality and risk while fearlessly wielding cliché and borrowed arguments.

Yes, there are poor game journalists out there.  You'll find slackers and bottom feeders in any profession or industry.  However, I believe that it's unprofessional to lump the underachievers in with the people who actually are contributing something to the gaming industry and community and then judge them as a whole.  I would hope that you are here reading this piece because you want to read my opinions on the gaming topics of the day.  When you go to read AMN or IGN or your other favorite major gaming site, you're looking for news and reviews.  Who better to provide this material than those of us with a passion for gaming and the ability to proficiently express facts and/or opinions?  Or would Campbell and Jaffe prefer that the only news sources to cover games consist of publications that couldn't tell a Samus Aran from a Master Chief?