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Early Birds Get Xbox 360 Gear

Perfect Dark Zero Apparently some of the launch titles for the Microsoft Xbox 360 as well as some peripherals are already landing on store shelves about two weeks before the console itself becomes officially available.  The official reason for this is to allow gamers foaming at the mouth for the new Xbox the chance to pick up some 360 gear so that... well, I think Microsoft's Peter Moore can explain it better than I can.  At least with more of a straight face than I can, anyway.

"Offering Xbox 360 games, accessories, and Xbox Live products in advance of the November 22 console launch lets gamers and retailers jump in on the euphoria and prepare early for the hottest consumer electronics product launch of the decade," said Peter Moore, Microsoft Corporate VP, Worldwide Marketing and Publishing.

For some reason I'm reminded of a friend I had back in high school.  When the Nintendo 64 launch was approaching he was determined to get one of the new consoles before Christmas Day, thereby owning his console before the rest of us in the peer group.  Somehow he convinced his family to open Christmas gifts on December 20 instead of the actual holiday and, yes indeed, he had his own Nintendo 64 before the rest of us at school.

Unfortunately, he forgot to put actual Nintendo 64 games on his holiday wish list.  That's right; he wound up with a brand new N64, but no games to play on it, and by this time all of the stores nearby were sold out of launch titles.  When I opened my holiday gifts from my family several days later I became the proud owner of both the N64 console and Super Mario 64.  And the guy who just had to have his console first?  He wound up at my place during holiday break to play my copy of Super Mario 64.  It wasn't until February that he was finally able to find his own copy to buy.  The moral of this story?  Owning something first is nice, but without the complete package it's a rather hollow victory.