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Disney Still Wants That Sweet Gamer Cash

Darkwing DuckThe Walt Disney Co. is on the move again after buying two video game development studios earlier this year.  Now the company has bought Living Mobile, a publisher that distributes games to Europe and Singapore for mobile phones.  Up until now Living Mobile has been the group publishing phone versions of games such as Bomberman, Resident Evil, and even a few Playboy titles, but now that Disney is involved that's about to change.

"Purchasing Living Mobile is part of that commitment," [Disney's Mark Handler] said. "They have a proven track record in game publishing and world-class talent in this new and highly competitive game category, and their strong, existing library makes us a serious competitor in games."  Disney said that the first-person shooter games offered by Living Mobile, a big segment for adult gamers, will be distributed under the Living Mobile Brand. It plans to stop distribution of other adult games, including "Playboy," as soon as possible.

Living Mobile has a proven record of distributing games, but Disney doesn't want its name connected with the games Living Mobile distributes, so those games have got to get as far from the famous mouse ears as possible.  Why buy a game publisher if you don't want the rights to the games they publish?  Why not just start your own publishing division or buy one more in keeping with your own policies and image?  It'd probably be cheaper and a lot of popular titles wouldn't be displaced by incoming corporate mandates.  It remains to be seen exactly which recognized titles will be (temporarily) homeless after the shuffle is complete, but something tells me that anything involving a large gun or a bare breast is about to be kicked out of the company.