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Zelda DVDs Hit Stores

The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Animated SeriesThe on-again off-again DVD release of The Legend of Zelda portion of the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show has finally been released and my favorite DVD review site, DVD Verdict, has reviewed the collection.  Does the low budget cartoon series stand up to criticism fifteen years later?

The cartoon is good enough to stand on its own legs, so it's unfortunate that its creators insisted on adding video game sound effects at key moments. When Link and Zelda show up to save the day, they're accompanied by a rousing orchestral score; however, whenever Link zaps the bad guys with his magic sword, the sound is an unfortunately retro video game "bleep." This was meant to remind kids to go out and buy the game, of course, but all it does is distract viewers from the action on screen.

Generic game sound effects were a part of every game-related cartoon in the 1980s and 1990s.  People raised on Pokémon instead of Super Mario tend to be unaware that back in the old days every video game that appeared on a television show sounded like either Pong or Pac-Man.  Thank goodness those days are behind us.