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Weekly Poll: Slightly Used

Weekly Poll for 9-25-05About half of you out there are just planning to buy your next-generation console off the shelf without bothering to preorder.  That's the path I usually take, but with my AMN work basically requiring quick access to the Nintendo Revolution, I'll have to preorder one of those if the company doesn't set me up with one.  I've never preordered a console before though; as a child they were gifts (or the result of gift money) and in more recent years I've just bought off the shelf.  Who needs an overpriced bundle?

Last week there was news that Best Buy is experimenting with the sale of used games while EBGames is jumping into a rental-type program that will most likely provide stores with more used copies to sell.  My question to you this week is about how you choose which games to buy used.  Do you have special criteria?  Do you care more about the price of a used game or the condition in which you find it?  Or do you never buy used games?  Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments.  I'm curious to see if buying used games is as popular or profitable as these stores seem to believe.