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Searching For What Doesn't Exist

PoppleI'm always checking the statistics gathered by PTB's web host and one of things I look in on from time to time is what people are searching for at Google, Yahoo!, etc. that bring them to this blog.  For instance, lots of folks find their way here while searching for terms such as "Nintendo", "used games", "Zelda news", and so forth.  One pattern I've noticed is that some people are hunting for video game ROMs and because I mention emulation from time to time, PTB is mixed in with emulation search results.  Based on some of the search terms that bring people to PTB I can see that most folks looking for ROMs are looking for ROMs of games that have not even been completed yet, let alone released.  These are obvious search results to peg: "pokemon torouze roms", etc.

To all of you out there skimming Press The Buttons in search of game ROMs: you will be disappointed.  There are no ROMs here.  There never will be ROMs here.  You shouldn't be downloading new games, but you should be supporting titles you like by actually purchasing them.  The morality speech probably won't do much good at this point, but I like to make the effort.  As sort of a "search results of shame", here is a brief list unfinished and unreleased games that people are looking to download based on search terms:

  • Pokémon Torouze
  • Super Princess Peach
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Sonic Rush (usually misidentified as "sonic ds")
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ("zelda twilight rom", although this could also be the game trailer on a DS card)