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PSP Porn Not Seen By Kids A Danger To Kids

Memory Stick PornoTry and follow this sequence of events.  First a woman buys a used Sony memory stick for use in her husband's PlayStation Portable.  Then she and her husband find that this used memory stick contains pornography.  The couple saw it, was horrified, and reported it to the media because children might have seen it.  Let me just repeat that: no children actually saw the porn found on someone's used memory stick.  Yet apparently this is worthy of news.  Tulsa, OK's KOTV has the amazing and terrifying story.

"Any child could buy this," says Ricky. "Anyone could buy this, and people need to be warned about it."

I think these folks are missing the point that they found the porn on used hardware.  New memory sticks do not come preloaded with porn from the factory.  The fault here lies with the store that sold this memory stick for not purging that memory stick before putting it out on the shelf for sale.  Furthermore, in this isolated incident the children (whom we should all be thinking of) did not actually see the porn.  No harm done, right?  Boy, it's a good thing that this one memory stick is an abnormality.  Can you imagine the breakdown of society if it were possible to download porn and install it on your own memory stick?

[W]e found more than one website with porn movies that were already converted and ready for downloading.  The practice is apparently so common that the device has been nicknamed the PlayStation "Porn"able by some.  Ricky says, "Cause the biggest gimmick for this device is you can connect it to you computer, download your pictures, your music clips whatever. And apparently, people do this and they do inappropriate things."

Whoa, slow down there, Ricky.  Next you'll tell me that Cinemax shows dirty movies late at night!  It's a good thing that isn't the case.  We must be on guard against pornography before it seeps into our magazines, our books, our movies, our Internet, our daydreams, and our late night Cinemax.  Thank goodness children don't have access to those things and never will.