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Nintendo's "Wi-Fi Wednesday" Details Spark Excitement

Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionIn addition to all of those new Nintendo DS games announced yesterday Nintendo has finally outlined the details on just how the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will work.  AMN has all the information including word on how to add friends to your buddy list and challenge random players based on your own skill level.  There's also some information on the long-rumored USB dongle for use on your Windows PC in case you don't have Wi-Fi broadband at home.

Additionally, [Nintendo of Europe] has confirmed that Mario Kart DS will implement an online matching service that will pair the user up with gamers from all countries with comparable skill levels. Furthermore, the Advanced Media Network has learned new details regarding the game's available racing tracks. Classic levels such as Mario Circuit 1 from the original SNES title will appear, as well as tracks such as Baby Park from Mario Kart Double Dash.

Allow me to emphasize once again how excited I am that Nintendo is taking Mario Kart online.  When I played the version available at E3 I knew that Nintendo had another winner with the revamped classic tracks and eight-player local wireless play.  The four-player Internet races are just the icing on the metaphorical cake.  There's been talk of setting up a little tournament over at AMN (staff versus the rest of the world) and I'm finally jumping on the broadband bandwagon at home in order to join the fun.  Combine all of that with the promising titles revealed yesterday and I think it's safe to say that 2006 will be a banner year for the Nintendo DS.