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Mario Basketball, Tingle Game, New Wario Land Revealed

Mario Basketball and a new Wario adventureI think we can finally agree that after dabbling with one or two sports for years upon years, Mario and friends have finally jumped head-on into the full selection of popular sports.  Famitsu reports that there's a Nintendo DS title in the works in which the Mushroom Kingdomites play basketball.  There are also some screenshots of a bunch of other unrevealed DS games such as what appears to be The Legend of Zelda's beloved/loathed fairyman, Tingle, in his own game (please just let that be a new Zelda screenshot) as well as a 2D platformer featuring Wario.  Google's translation of the Famitsu article leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately.

While I'm not so crazy about a Tingle adventure ("Kooloo-limpah!"), I'm always up for a new Wario Land title.  Mario Basketball could be another winner.  Also take notice of a new Starfy title, the latest in a line of games featuring the little hero who has never made it out of Japan.  It's great to see next year's DS line-up start to solidify.  After Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nintendo only had two major titles for the Nintendo DS scheduled in 2006.  Bring on the next wave of hits!