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Konami Joins A Gym

Mario busts a moveIn this age of continued "games make you fat!" and "games shot that man!" it's always nice to see a game publisher try to make a positive difference in the world.  Today it's Konami's turn to get a little spotlight.  The company has announced an agreement with 24 Hour Fitness to stock the Kids' Clubs areas with Dance Dance Revolution machines.  It's actually a good idea since many people have made DDR a part of their exercise regimes.

Clara Gilbert, director of business partnerships at Konami said, "Bringing the health and fitness benefits of DDR to 24 Hour Fitness is an unbeatable combination in helping kids and adults stay in shape while having fun. By placing DDR in 24 Hour Fitness locations we strive to help kids and adults achieve their fitness goals in an unintimidating and fun way."

I think limiting the machines to the kiddie zone is a poor decision though.  There are many adults who enjoy playing DDR and use it for exercise instead of just pure entertainment.  Placing the machines only in areas for children also enforces that games are just for kids.  As so many people have been trying to explain lately, people of all ages love video games.  I say put those DDR machines right out in the main part of the exercise center.  Invite everyone to climb aboard and bust a move.  Get fit and help boost the image of gaming in the mainstream.