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Johnny Turbo In "Let 'Em Dangle!!"

Johnny TurboA few months ago we were all horrified by Episode 43 ("The Master Plan!") of Johnny Turbo's adventures in which the rotund mascot praised and pitched for the TurboCD and TurboGrafx-16 consoles of yesteryear.  The remaining episodes of the series have returned to the Internet courtesy of the reborn Sardius Experience in which Episodes 44 ("Let 'Em Dangle!!") and 45 ("Sleepwalker") are available for your amusement and horror.  Don't miss the page-by-page analysis of this disturbing advertisement and the shocking truth behind Johnny Turbo's real identity.  Yes, there is a real Johnny Turbo somewhere out there.  Other advertising mascots don't even compare!

Thanks to PTB reader "Brad Pitt" for pointing out the return of Sardius.