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Fire Emblem Interview MP3 At AMN

Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceOn Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with Tim O'Leary, Rich Amtower, and Alan Averill of Nintendo of America's Treehouse, the organization that localizes Nintendo games for the North American market.  We talked about the process of translating the upcoming Nintendo GameCube RPG Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, specifically what makes the game worth playing, how it is different from similar RPGs, and just how difficult it is to translate such a large game.  We also touched on some future Nintendo titles, such as Animal Crossing: Wild World, Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time, and a few things they aren't allowed to talk about yet.

Now the MP3 of the phone interview is available for download over at AMN.  It clocks in at twenty-five minutes, so sit back and take in the hard work that the Treehouse crew have to do in order for such amazing games to reach our homes and our hearts.