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Exploring The Girlocity Of Super Princess Peach

Super Princess PeachThe apparently emotional Princess Peach's first starring role, Super Princess Peach, has been released in Japan and GameSpot has a first look at just how the game places.  As you'll recall, not too long ago gamers were skeptical of Peach's abilities that are tied to emotion, but now GameSpot paints a picture of a classic platformer with some puzzle elements.

Peach has four emotion-based powers that you can access by tapping the appropriate face icon on the lower screen. The four powers are happy, which replenishes your health over time; sad, which makes Peach cry a geyser of tears; angry, which surrounds you with a massive flame; and what appears to be something like content, which allows you to hover and fly for a short time. All these powers drain your emotion bar while it's in use, and you'll have to pick up enemies and then consume them to replenish it. You'll also find blue crystals scattered around each level that will give you back even more emotion power, and the game isn't stingy at all about letting you get your power back.

After reading this I have to admit that I'm more sold on the concept and hope to hear an announcement about a North American release.  Raccoon tails giving the gift of flight were unusual at one point as well, but now such events are just second nature.  The same destiny probably awaits the princess's powers of crying and anger.  Say, do you suppose there's a Midol power-up?  I swear, sometimes these snarks just write themselves.