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DS Not Excluded From Trojan Threat

Nintendo DSRemember last week's word that a Trojan could completely disable a Sony PlayStation Portable?  Now a similar threat has emerged for the Nintendo DS.  That's right, it's another Trojan that deletes critical system files.  This Trojan masquerades as either a ROM loader or an animated pornography program for the DS.  Joystiq has the details.

So unless you want a $130 brick on your hands, try to avoid anything by the likes of r0mloader (supposedly named that way to combat piracy) or taihen (which was said to be a hentai-filled ROM). This little Trojan homebrew will reportedly wreck your DS (unless you preemptively ran FlashMe) and “affect your GBAMP firmware and/or your SuperCard Firmware,” too.

While it's admirable to try and deter people interested in homebrew solely for emulating games illegally, let me restate that killing one's hardware in this manner is the completely wrong way to go about spreading a message.  Homebrew has a hard enough time getting a foothold in the mainstream mindset.  The homebrew community shouldn't be trying to instill a "homebrew = bad" mentality in the general public who may encounter one of these Trojans.  Homebrewers should use their knowledge for good, not evil.