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Doom Box Office Drops 120%

Doom logoThe folks at Universal are scratching their heads today as the weekend box office reports have been published and the results aren't pleasant.  Somehow the film adaptation of everyone's favorite first person shooter, Doom, has dropped a mind-boggling 120% in its second weekend.  Dateline Hollywood has the story.

While the studio hasn’t revealed figures to the public, reporting an estimated drop of 74%, sources in the studio tell me the actual decline is much more severe.  "We’ve gone over the figures a dozen different ways and we keep getting the same result," said head of distribution Nikki Rocco. "It doesn’t seem possible that a movie’s gross could drop more than 100%, but somehow ‘Doom’ seems to have done it."

Yes, yes, I know it's satire.  Hopefully you did too.  It does drive home the point that video game films still have a reputation of being horrible.  Sooner or later someone will make a spectacular movie based on a beloved video game.  At the rate Hollywood is progressing, however, I sometimes wonder if I'll live to see that day.