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Contest: Make Your Life Complete With A Breakdancing Turtle

Bowser gets funkyI've seen a lot of things over the years and been to a lot of places.  I've visited Europe and seen the view from atop a Swiss mountain.  I've survived a painful surgical procedure.  Now, friends, I have truly seen everything.  Nothing in life can possibly compare to my latest experience and now my life is complete.  No matter what your own life has thrown at you over the years, you too will become complete once you see what I've seen.  Nothing can ever hope to top this promotional artwork for the new Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix of Bowser, King of the Koopas, breakdancing.

Do you consider yourself a Photoshopping virtuoso?  Why not download the high resolution version of this artistic gem and see where you can place Dancin' Bowser.  Post your creations in the comments below and let's see who can create the best environment for the funky king.  Read on for the rules and the prize to be awarded to my favorite creation.


  • Download the high resolution version of the Bowser artwork linked above and use your favorite image editor to place the King of the Koopas in an appropriate scene.  Be creative.  The only requirement is that Dancin' Bowser appear somewhere in the picture.  Entries making use of gross-out images (Goatse, etc.) will be disqualified.
  • Post a link to your creation in the comments for this blog entry.
  • Contest begins today, Saturday, October 22, 2005.  The last day for entries is one week from this date, Saturday, October 29, 2005.  On Sunday, October 30, 2005, I'll choose my favorite creation and announce the winner.  The winner must then e-mail me in order to tell me which one of the prizes listed below he or she wants and provide a shipping address for that prize.
  • Due to the cost of shipping items overseas, I must require that the prize be sent to a North American address.


The winner will choose one of the following prizes.  Not everybody has all three current generation consoles, so there's one prize option for each console.