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Configuring For The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionThis morning I presented the second of three presentations on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as part of my final research paper required for completing my undergraduate work at the university.  As I did with the first presentation, I am reprinting today's presentation here on Press The Buttons.  Today's focus was on the configuration options for setting up the Nintendo DS to play happily on a network as well as talk of the recent deal to install Nintendo Wi-Fi service in McDonald's restaurants and some of the points of interest I will cover in the final presentation next month.  There was also brief mention of the localization required for Animal Crossing: Wild World that I learned during my recent interview with Nintendo's Treehouse division, although there are no slides focusing on that material.

Please feel free to suggest information sources or ask questions after browsing today's new material.  The topic brought a lot of questions out of the audience this morning (much more than the other presentations) and I want to hear your thoughts on the matter.  What do you want to know about the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as it pertains to introducing Nintendo to the online gaming arena?  I will try to work these questions and answers into the final presentation and research paper.