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Bold Gold Sold

Gold barYou're familiar with the practice of gold farming, right?  In which MMORPG players collect gold and then sell that in-game gold to other players for real money?  Gold farming is looked down upon with extreme distastefulness by most gamers and yet still the practice goes on, relying on players with too much real money on their hands and not enough fake money in order to turn a profit.

Some gold farming groups (mostly based in Asia) have been so bold as to organize as actual companies and do nothing but pay "employees" a pittance (in real money) in exchange for playing MMORPGs all day and all night for the purpose of gathering gold to sell.  The heads of the company take a healthy percentage of each transaction.  Setting up a corporation for gold farming is pretty bold, but how brassy does a company have to be to buy ad space in PC Gamer offering its services?  The spelling and syntax of the excerpt below is shown here verbatim.

In August 2005, we build game currency futures market, which is similar to with real futures in the financial market.  We delivery certain gold in a certain time to you.  The longer the delivery time, the cheaper the gold.  You can purchase WoW gold with incredible price.  (10%-50% lower than market price).  For example: 1000 gold is $73, even lower.

"A fool and his money," I suppose.  I still don't understand the practice of paying real money for a virtual item.  As for the advertisement, it seems this "company" did draw some attention, but probably not the kind it wanted.  The gold farmers' website redirects to a generic ad-happy search engine page now.  It's so sad to see a company that "build game currency futures market" go under.