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Weekly Poll: Choose Your Character

Weekly Poll for 9-04-05Mario peaked in 1990-91 according to PTB's readers.  Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World practically tied for which Mario game is the favorite around here.  As much as I love both of those games, I had to vote for Super Mario 64.  Just like Zelda: Wind Waker helped me through a difficult period of poor health in 2003, Super Mario 64 got me through those long sick nights in 1996.  Lethal Lava Land still reminds me of intense stomach pains.  That's a compliment though.  Really.

Moving ahead fifteen years, Nintendo is planning for the next Super Smash Bros. title to be a launch title for the Nintendo Revolution.  While Super Smash Bros. Melee included a large cast of playable characters, there's always room for more.  Which Nintendo star should get to brawl the next time around?  This week's poll includes some of the more popular characters in Nintendo lore, but feel free to add a write-in vote in the comments.  I'm voting for Wario, and not just because a certain ex-girlfriend once told me that I resembled him.  That's a compliment too.  I think.