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Take The Pilotwings Challenge!

PilotwingsLast year I wrote an article for AMN about some of the forgotten games of yesterday that deserve a revival (you may recognize it; it's the article that inspired The Forgotten section here on PTB).  One of the games I originally featured was the Super NES and Nintendo 64 favorites, Pilotwings.  As I said in the original article:

The Pilotwings series has typically been seen as a way for Nintendo to show off the technology underneath a console’s exterior, and with the upcoming codenamed Revolution console on the way Nintendo could very well revive the series for a third round.

Now that we know about the Revolution's controller, what kind of Pilotwings challenges could Nintendo create to showcase the new control technology?  Perhaps a kickass rocketbelt challenge involving waving the control wand to influence direction in three dimensions?  Maybe a skydiving objective in which the freefalling player can be moved with pinpoint accuracy?  Brainstorm some ideas and post them in the comments section below.  Next week we'll vote on the best ideas (as chosen by me) in the Weekly Poll.  Now get thinking!