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Sonic R

UPDATE: MagicBox has the first screenshots.  It's Sonic and friends on hoverboards.  Great scott!

Spong, that place of rumors and occasional truths, has word that another Sonic the Hedgehog game is about to be revealed: Sonic Riders.  The assumption is that it's another Sonic R type of racing game, although it's all just rumor and hearsay at the moment.  Let me say this, however.  If this is another Sonic racer where the characters run on foot instead of drive vehicles, then I hope/demand that the characters control like traditional 3D adventure characters and not the odd vehicle/action hybrid of Sonic R.

Also, I cannot stress enough how there had better not be a single song lyric in any of the game's background tunes.  You hear me, Sega?  No words!  Sonic R's insipid lyrics may be laughably cheesy today, but to shove another such travesty on Sonic's fans in today's modern world and knowing what we know now about game design would be inexcusable.  Ever since I was exposed to Sonic R while playing Sonic Gems Collection, songs such as "Living In The City" have become the musical score to my darkest, most depressing nightmares.