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Sonic the HedgehogMy review of the Nintendo GameCube title Sonic Gems Collection has been posted at AMN.  I went a little harsh on this one, mostly because of some poor choices on Sega's part regarding which games to include in the set (did we really need encores of Sonic Drift 2 and Tails' Skypatrol?).

One thing that caught my eye in Sonic the Fighters was a typo during the game's intro: "Revenge of Dr. Robotonic!" instead of the proper spelling of "Robotnik".  I mentioned it in the review, but I didn't deduct points for it.  It's a careless typo and Sega probably figured it wasn't worth digging through old arcade code to fix, but it looks lazy compared to a company like Capcom that does fix spelling errors.  Remember Dr. Wily's line of dialog about how he had "faild" in Mega Man 6?  Capcom corrected it for Mega Man Anniversary Collection.  Sega can't be bothered to do the same, it seems.