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Pitching In For Katrina Aid

Hurricane Floyd 1999With all that has been happening in New Orleans, LA and beyond this past week involving the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it's good to see people and companies getting involved and lending a hand.  You may have heard of Sony's contribution to EverQuest II players, for instance, and the addition of a "/donate" command in the game for other players to send a few dollars in aid. 

[F]or our 13,000+ players actually in the affected areas, we will be suspending billing until such time as they are able to play again. In addition, any items or structures in any of our games, which decay over time, will be preserved until the user's next login.

Granted that a fantasy MMORPG has to be the farthest thing from the minds of the people of Louisiana right now, but at least it's something.  As badly as conditions have deteriorated in New Orleans and the other gulf coast regions, it's important to pitch in and give what you can to the various credible aid organizations.  I've placed a link to the American Red Cross website up in the corner of the sidebar on your right to point you in the right direction, but whichever organization you choose, please give something.

(That's a picture of 1999's Hurricane Floyd up there, a category five storm that very nearly wiped my own corner of the world off the map.)