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n-Space Bound For Japan

GeistA little birdy tells me that game developer n-Space is heading to Japan next week to get their first hands-on experience with the Nintendo Revolution controller.  You may remember n-Space from such games as Bug Rider and Geist.  From what I'm told, the n-Space team is excited about the controller and is looking forward to getting a handle on it.  The company has already sold Nintendo on another idea, so perhaps this is the next step in developing that idea.

While we're on the subject of n-Space, I suppose I can tell a funny story about the company and the controller now that the Revolution's secret is out.  About a month ago I was talking to my n-Space source and he mentioned in passing that n-Space knew what the amazing Nintendo secret was all about and that his person in-the-know had told him the secret controller information.  Of course I pressed him to find out just what Nintendo had planned, but the horrible truth was that my source really doesn't know much about video games beyond what his n-Space source tells him.  He knew the secret, but he didn't know how to explain it to me because this business of controllers and pixels and rendering might as well be a foreign language.  He stumbled around the concept for a while, but we eventually gave up because he just didn't know enough about the topic in general.  So close to knowing the secret, and yet so far away...