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Nintendo Continues To Mature, Seeks The Hook-Up

SmoochNintendo wants to hear from its customers again, this time for a survey about the "Bark Mode" found in Nintendogs?  You're familiar with "Bark Mode", right?  If your Nintendo DS is turned on but in Bark Mode, if it comes into range of another DS currently in Bark Mode, both DS units bark to alert both users of another player nearby.  Then the two players can meet and allow their dogs to meet and romp and play and be happy.

The survey question involves what the "Bark Mode" should be called in video games that are not Nintendogs.  Nintendo offers four choices, such as "Shout-Out Mode", "Tag Mode", and "Hook-Up Mode".  Wait... "Hook-Up Mode"?  That can't possibly be what I think it is.  Let's look it up just to be sure.

A hookup (colloquial American English) is casual sex activity that could consist of kissing, oral sex, and full sexual intercourse.  The "Extended Hookup"- Often times, prolonged instances of casual sex interactions are known as extended hookups, a situation in which the involved parties will occasionally meet for a hookup, go their separate ways, and then later repeat the procedure; always without any sort of monogamous commitment.

I don't know what kind of Nintendo game could possibly call for a Hook-Up Mode, but I think we'd all have a good time finding out.