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MTV Ponders Revolution Controller

Nintendo RevolutionStephen Totilo of MTV News has been researching the wide world of Nintendo Revolution controller mock-ups in order to see what Nintendo's fans expect when the curtain finally goes up on the supposedly revolutionary gadget.  More specifically, what do Nintendo fans expect to see when the controller is finally revealed?  The article is especially worth reading because I'm quoted in it.

"I've read so many off-the-wall theories that at this point I half expect the controller to dispense yummy peanut butter candies whenever I achieve a new high score," said Matt Green, who blogs about games at "I do not believe it will include a touch screen, helmet, 3-D display or buttons that deliver an electric shock. Yes, that theory is really floating around out there."

The latest rumor to cross the Internet is that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will unveil the controller during his presentation at the Tokyo Game Show later this week.  No word on if the Candy Pak will be included in the announcement.