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Shigeru Miyamoto meets his fans in New YorkVideo games have come so far in the past twenty years.  Back in the old days players sought cheat codes that unlocked extra lives, invincibility, level selects, or maybe mighty power-up.  Today's gamers want to unlock new dogs.  What an age in which we live.  While visiting the Nintendo World Store last weekend Shigeru Miyamoto gave the gift of the Jack Russell terrier to his fans, unlocking the secret breed in Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS and allowing the new dog to trickle down to the masses via the DS's wireless abilities.

Miyamoto signed T-shirts, current and classic video games and consoles ranging from the original Nintendo Entertainment System® to Nintendo GameCube™. While only the first 200 people were guaranteed a meeting with Miyamoto, hundreds of others received a special gift from him as he unlocked the secret Jack Russell terrier breed in Nintendogs and shared his trainer information. The special feature moved from person to person through the line via the wireless abilities of the Nintendo DS™.

Anyone who wasn't within range of Miyamoto's DS last weekend will be able to pick up the new breed at the Nintendogs website sometime soon.  As for me, I'm still waiting for someone to unlock the rarest breed of all: the Yoshi.  I simply cannot believe that Nintendo would not include a secret Yoshi in Nintendogs.  Players could raise Yoshis, teach them tricks, and then have them eat the canine competition at the puppy park.  I know I'd sign on for that.