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Mega Man Goes Cutesy In PSP Remake

Mega Man for PSP Oh Mega Man, what have they done to you?  Capcom has announced a remake of the original Mega Man for the Sony PlayStation Portable that redraws our hero and his foes as cute, brightly colored, big-headed characters.  There's such a cultural disconnect in how Japan and North America each view the character.  In America Mega Man is "the fighting robot", a tough gutsy android capable of massive firepower!  In Japan he's a cute l'il hero with a high pitched voice.  It looks like he's getting back to his chibi roots here.  Mega Man X is also getting a PSP remake, but it's unknown if X will be awesomely powerful or awesomely adorable.  I'm glad that Mega Man's creator has gone back on his "no more Mega Man" statement, if nothing else.

Also of interest is something that is probably a long time overdue: a construction mode in which players can build their own Mega Man levels to play and swap with friends.  Cue the hordes of fan-created levels that are full of nothing but spikes and enemies, levels built to be impossible to finish.  Fans seem to love creating levels like that for some reason.  Ever seen some of the Super Mario World hacks circulating online?  That ones that are all bottomless pits and inescapable block mazes?  I rest my case.