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Maybe We Can Have Nice Things

Pink stylusA few months ago I took issue with the fact that Nintendo's Japanese and European units have an extensive rewards catalog from which their customers can order free items in exchange for registering Nintendo purchases at the company's website.  Here in North America the most we get for registering games are free AIM icons and on extremely special occasions a bonus disc for play in a Nintendo GameCube.  Maybe Nintendo's American arm has started to see the light regarding freebies.

When Kirby Canvas Curse was released in Japan the package included a special pink Nintendo DS stylus.  The American version did not include the bonus item probably due to cultural differences.  After all, pink is seen as a "girly" color in America and no stereotypical tough guy wants to be seen playing with a pink stylus.  Nevertheless, now Nintendo of America is giving these pink pointers to those of us out there who registered Kirby Canvas Curse with the company's website.  Supplies are limited, of course, so you'd best take advantage of the offer while it lasts.  I put in for one just for the hell of it.  I probably won't use it in public though.  I don't want to be seen playing with a pink stylus.