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Mario Kart Arcade Comes To America In "Limited Quantities"

Mario Kart Arcade Grand PrixThe elusive Mario Kart Arcade GP is finally coming to North America, albeit in what Nintendo and Namco are calling "limited quantities".  In other words, nobody will be able to find one of these machines without going on a three hundred mile road trip.  Hmm... having to drive long distances in order to play a video game about driving long distances... there's a message in there somewhere.

Word about this acclaimed title has been on the streets for over 8 months.  Namco is happy to announce that MARIO KART® ARCADE GP™ will be shipping in October.  Due to limited production, this soon to be chart-topping game is available in limited quantities so act fast.

This kind of announcement feels like such a tease.  "Well, here it is.  You can't play it.  Have fun!".  Some of us are still working over the grief of being unable to find F-Zero AX in a local arcade.