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Super Princess PeachMario's longtime would-be girlfriend, Princess Peach, is finally getting her own starring role in a video game.  The upcoming Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS features the princess in her own 2D adventure in which she embarks on a quest to rescue the imprisoned Mario and Luigi.  Peach's gimmick involves emotions; her abilities are tied to her current mood.  To simplify that, her powers are based on crying and anger.  That seems a little, well, stereotypically sexist to me.  Let's turn to the gang over at the rllmukforum for a little perspective:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks incredibly (and fantastically - it's so totally brazen it's amazing) sexist? I mean Princess Peach finally gets a game and her two powers are being in a mood and crying? It's like the designers just thought "What do women do?" and made a game out of it!

The available screenshots and video footage reveal a bright, happy, colorful 2D adventure featuring traditional Mushroom Kingdom objects and enemies mixed in with a few new things, such as Peach's parasol that functions as a weapon and transportation.  Fans of Super Mario games would most likely jump for a new adventure, but how can a man hope to walk into a game store and purchase a copy of Super Princess Peach without losing all manly respect?  I suggest purchasing at least three copies of Grand Theft Auto during the same transaction.  That should balance things out.