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News Corp logoIGN Entertainment Inc. has been on the sales rack for a while now and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has scooped in and bought the company for $650 million.  News Corp, as you'll recall, also owns the FOX Network, the FOX News Channel, the FX Network, and plenty of newspapers, television & film properties, and more media than you could possibly count on two hands and two feet.  Now they own IGN, the company that started out as a little Nintendo 64 fansite in the early days of the world wide web.

IGN’s major video game-related properties include, GameSpy, GameSpy Arena, FilePlanet, TeamXbox, 3D Gamers, Direct2Drive, and a number of web sites within the Vault and Planet networks. IGN also owns and operates two entertainment web properties focused on movie-related content, IGN FilmForce and Rotten Tomatoes, and a male lifestyle web site, In addition, it provides technology for online game play in video games.

What does this mean for IGN?  Well, aside from the fact that someone at the top of the IGN food chain is probably lighting up a cigar with a hundred dollar bill right now, it means that News Corp (and by extension FOX, etc.) have acquired themselves a video game and entertainment news and review company.  News Corp / FOX also has its hands in companies that create video games, sell DVDs, and make movies.  Hmm... the media creation company owns a media review company... nope, nothin' wrong there.  I'm sure IGN will remain Fair And Balanced just like the FOX News Channel.