Viva La Revolution!
We Should Have Seen The Revolution Coming

Hungry For More

Nintendo Revolution controllersNow that I've had a few hours for the Nintendo Revolution controller design to sink into my brain, I've been thinking about Nintendo's previous controller unveilings.  When the Super NES controller appeared in Nintendo Power for the first time, I wondered what those buttons on top of the controller did and if they could ever be useful.  I mean, they're on the top of the controller, fer cryin' out loud.  Then the Virtual Boy controller with its double control pads.  Two control pads?  How can I use them both and still be able to press the buttons?  When I tried the Nintendo 64 controller for the first time, I tried to use the analog stick like an old fashioned joystick by pinching it with my thumb and pointer finger.  My initial ideas regarding how these things work doesn't always match how these things are supposed to function.

Nintendo has done a lot of then-crazy things as their hardware evolved over the years, and my initial resistance has always melted away once I saw Mario in action and had a chance to try the game for myself.  Show me some game footage featuring familiar characters, please.  I need to see how the gaming elements that I am accustomed to can translate into this new control scheme.  Just reading text proclaiming how wonderful it will be is not enough; it's never been enough.  I'm ready to start thawing.  I am glad that Nintendo did finally reveal the controller even if I'm not completely sold on it right away.  As secret as the company has been, I was almost expecting the Revolution to ship in a plain white unmarked box that I could never open because if I did it would expose the amazing secret.