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The Man ShowYou know G4, right?  The first television network dedicated to video games?  G4 seems to be heading down an aimless path away from video games and into general stereotypical mens' entertainment.  Recall, if you will, that the video game channel bought the rerun rights to the canceled FOX series about fast cars and beautiful people, Fastlane.  What does Fastlane have to do with video games?  Apparently as much as The Man Show, as the Comedy Central reruns are the network's newest acquisition.

The problem with all the original series tied to vidgames on G4 is that average viewership doesn't reach even 50,000 homes in primetime. But the preponderance of young males in the audience means G4 will increase its advertising revenues by 18% in 2006 to $85.1 million, according to projections from Kagan Research.

G4 is trying so hard to become the next Spike TV, a misguided goal if there ever was one because Spike TV isn't all that great either.  What's the point in having a channel dedicated to one topic if the programmers won't stay fixed on that topic?  Why not just run softcore porn on G4 since stereotypical men love porn, too?  Or maybe a show where naked women drive fast cars in an exciting and titillating manner?

I have never respected G4's programming and this latest addition to the network puts me another step away from wanting to watch.  If G4 is going to go in another direction than so be it, but they should change the network's mission statement away from 100% video games and jump into this new mixed programming goal with both feet.  Both naked feet, of course, with those feet planted firmly on the accelerator.