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Do Not Open 'Til May 2006: Nintendo Keeps Revolution Games Locked Away

Nintendo RevolutionOnce Nintendo revealed the Revolution controller last week my immediate response after picking my jaw up off the floor revolved around just when the company would reveal some of the games that the new fangled remote control can play.  Guess when that'll be?  Next Generation spoke with Nintendo senior director of corporate communications, Beth Llewelyn, and has an answer most of us don't want to hear:

Nintendo has not yet announced when we will debut software for Nintendo Revolution, but you should certainly stay tuned to learn more at the 2006 Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles next May.

Eight months.  We have to wait nearly eight months to finally get a look at the complete Revolution package.  That's classic Nintendo though, spreading new information few and far between and tossing fans just enough of a bone to keep us speculating.  C'mon, Nintendo.  Show me the Mario!  I sincerely apologize for invoking the foul memories of that insipid Tom Cruise movie, but that's just how desperate I am to get a look at Nintendo's next generation titles.