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X and ZeroCompany mergers seem to be the new trend these days and now there's talk that Capcom and Konami may be the next two gaming companies to tie the metaphorical knot.  Neither company has commented officially on these rumors, of course, but the mere thought of such a merger does spark a lot of ideas.  How about Mega Man X joining the Belmont clan to battle Dracula?  Or a Metal Gear Solid title set in Resident Evil's Raccoon City?  Street Fighter meets Gradius?  The possibilities go on and on.  There's a lot of potential here, so here's hoping that if the merger does come to pass the newly combined company will take advantage and create some amazing crossovers.

Of course, reality shows us that gaming companies that have merged do not combine their properties and instead just function under the same financial umbrella.  Stockholders demand profits, yes, but they should also demand that Simon Belmont be able to steal weapons from Elec Man and Heat Man.  Not every gain in the world of business needs to be financial in nature.