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Anticipating The Next Sonic Collection

Sonic the HedgehogWith the release of Sonic Gems Collection Sega has nearly re-released the entire Sonic The Hedgehog back catalog.  However, just as Sonic CD was missing from Sonic Mega Collection, there is another much-requested game missing from Gems: Chaotix, the 32X Knuckles The Echidna video game that introduced Charmy Bee, Vector the Alligator, and the other Chaotix characters.  While 32X emulation on a modern console may be too much for Sega's developers to handle now (the Sonic CD on Gems is actually the PC port of the game and not the Sega CD original), I believe that Sega is saving the title for a future Sonic compilation.  There are just enough remaining Sonic games to make another collection.  If Sega is planning such a release, I know just what I want to see on it.

Chaotix would be the spotlight title just as Sonic CD is the spotlight of Sonic Gems Collection.  The old Segasonic the Hedgehog arcade game is due for a resurfacing especially since it never did get a wide release (much like Sonic the Fighters in Gems).  The much maligned party game from the Sega Dreamcast days, Sonic Shuffle , might as well be included.  Something makes me think that Sega is holding back the remaining Game Gear titles that weren't found in Gems for a future collection, although few of those are worth playing to begin with.  To wrap it all up I also want the Saturn-unique special states of Sonic 3D Blast to make an appearance as well.

For bonus content I want to see the Sonic World section of Sonic Jam and the little demos created for the canceled Sonic X-Treme.  Somewhere out there is a semi-complete level and a boss fight, and finally being able to play it after all these years would be a treat for Sonic fans.  Finally, seeing as how so few people have played Sonic Adventure 2 to total completion, I want to see the 3D Green Hill Zone included as an unlockable extra.  Aside from the Sonic-themed edutainment titles released for the Sega Pico (for which I don't think anyone clamors) and the still-available Sonic Heroes and Sonic Advance titles, these are the last bits of hedgehog for Sega to put back into the spotlight.  For now.