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AMN Previews The GameCube Games Of Fall 2005

Shadow the HedgehogOne of my AMN co-workers, Phillip Levin, and I have put together a little feature highlighting the major Nintendo GameCube releases for the rest of 2005.  Without a single major GameCube release to focus on this year, this is a good opportunity to look ahead and what's coming up and make out your wish list.  So many games, so little time.

This isn't to say the holidays are about one big game. In fact, long-time gamers know that’s simply not the case. By Christmas, the industry is flooded with handfuls of games. And, more troubling for consumers that don’t have endless wallets, a lot of the games released during the holidays are must-haves or extremely tempting purchases.  Below, you’ll find our in-depth look at the GameCube holiday line-up. While there might not be that “one” must-have, there are a handful of very promising, sure-to-be-great releases quickly coming your way.

Nintendo fans will find most of the new action on the Nintendo DS this holiday season with the launch of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but everybody's favorite geometrically-shaped console will have a few little hits released for it instead of one big release.  Combine all those little releases, however, and you'll find that there's plenty of fun in store for the GameCube throughout the rest of the year.