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@$#%! Sony Filters Offensive Language

Speak no evil Sony has stepped up the plate to protect all the little children with sensitive ears out there from encountering naughty words while exchanging messages online.  Users of PlayStation Online are now protected by the forbidden words in chats and instant messages thanks to a vulgarity filter.  GamePolitics has the press release.

Players who subscribe to PlayStation Online must enroll and log-in when playing. These players then have a forum to chat and instant message one another. At these critical stages of open communication, offensive language and slang could be used. To prevent this Sony runs Teragram's vulgarity software on each of its thousands of servers around the world. Teragram's technology can monitor and filter out offensive content in microseconds, enforcing a clean yet extremely fast user experience.

As much as I hate censorship, filtering software such as this does have a place in the world just as long as those of us who can handle some profanity can disable the filter.  On the other hand, why do I believe that if I leave the filter turned on, all I'll hear from the other players is blessed silence?  Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all...